Website Theme Identification

Identifying the Theme Utilized by a Website


There are two ways to discover the theme that a WordPress website is utilizing. To start, enter the website link into a theme detection tool. In order to avoid receiving an error message, users can personally locate the style.css file for the theme in the website's programme code if the site makes use of a custom stylesheet or if the theme has undergone remarkable modifications.

The theme name, creator, and version are all listed in the theme header found in the style.css file. To install and buy it, you may then look for it within the WordPress database or a third-party marketplace.

Let's go over each of these steps individually so you can determine the theme of any website you want to create from the beginning or modify:

1. Using a Theme Detector Tool to Discover the WordPress Theme of a Website

The simplest way to figure out which theme a website is utilizing is to use a theme detector tool. Just copy and paste the website's URL into the tool, and it will quickly locate and return the name of the theme.

Before proceeding to the next stage, spend a few moments exploring the website in one of the tools listed below, even if you won't be able to find all the custom sites:

Although these tools won't be able to find all custom sites, it can be worthwhile to take a moment to search the URL in one of the tools listed below before continuing with the process.

Satori's WP Theme Detector:

This free online application will automatically extract the active theme information from any web page by using deep scanning techniques and custom snippets. What WordPress theme would that be? The button must simply be clicked once users enter a URL into the text box.

What Is That WordPress Theme?

This is an additional free online tool that uses automatic detection to determine what WordPress theme (and plugins) a website is using. A user simply needs to enter a link into the search feature and wait for the tool to collect the theme details, much like with the WP Theme Detector.

Because it provides several more details than WP Theme Detector, such as the author and author homepage, you may prefer this tool.

Scan WP's WordPress Theme Detector:

Even more details about a site's theme are provided by this free theme detector, including where to purchase it and how much it costs. This implies that you may quickly find out what theme a website is using and use it on your own website.

For example, if I select Theme-Forest from the search result for Jane's Patisserie above, I'm immediately taken to the manufacturer's website in Web Design Market with a "buy now" option. The above tools will display an error notice if a site has a heavily customized theme, has hidden its theme information, or was not created using WordPress. In these cases, you can go to the next stage.

2. Manually locate a WordPress theme for a website:

A theme is probably employing a unique identifier if a theme detector program is unable to scan a website. But that's not a problem because you can manually find information about a WordPress theme in the web page's code.

A text file called source code includes a computer program's rules. Your browser downloads the HTML, CSS, or computer language files that make up a website each time you visit it. The website then displays these data in the manner that you see on your screen whenever you interact with it online, referred to as the "user experience."

But how can you sift through all of that text to discover the WordPress theme that would better represent your company?

How to Locate a WordPress Theme in the Source Code

In order to locate your new WordPress theme in the code for your correct page, follow the step-by-step steps below.

Visit your preferred WordPress website.

We'll look at Simply Homemade, one of my favorite food blogs, for this illustration.

  • See the newly opened tab by performing a right-click on the screen and choosing "View Page Source" from the drop-down menu.
  • Type "style.css" into the search box by pressing CTRL F.

After you locate a line of text that matches this, scroll down. 

In Just Homemakers source code, exactly one line is

To access the style.css file, click the link in this line.

You should be able to see the theme header block, which will have the theme name displayed, at the top of the file.

Now that you've seen the design name listed at the top of the header block, you may search for it in a separate browser window to find out where you can buy it. For example, I discovered that Feast Design Co. sells the Brunch Pro theme that was used to create Simply Homemade.

Making an informed choice about the theme to use for your website can be helped by being aware of the various ways to figure out what theme a WordPress site is using. This is an important step in getting the brand's perfect result.

Utilize your preferred WordPress themes on every website:

After learning how to choose WordPress themes that suit your brand's style and method of information organization, you can now begin using a variety of both free and paid themes. Even as you select your final choice, keep in mind your target group and consider how the beauty of your theme will connect with them as they navigate your site. Continue developing your WordPress site with the knowledge that a quality theme can help your brand achieve any style goal.



Theme detection tools like Satori's WP Theme Detector, What Is That WordPress Theme, and Scan WP's WordPress Theme Detector help identify the active theme of a WordPress website for website creation or modification.

To identify a theme in a website's code, manually search for the "style.css" file and the theme name in the header block. This allows for informed decisions about the theme's creator, version, and purchase location, based on brand style, target audience, and content organization.

By utilizing the appropriate WordPress theme for your website, you can enhance the user experience, improve aesthetics, and effectively convey your brand's message and identity to your audience.


Are theme detection tools accurate in identifying WordPress themes?
Theme detection tools can accurately identify WordPress themes in most cases. However, heavily customized themes or sites that hide theme information may not be detected accurately.

Can I use any WordPress theme on my website?
Yes, you can use any WordPress theme on your website, whether it's free or paid. It's essential to choose a theme that aligns with your brand's style, content organization, and target audience.

How can I purchase a WordPress theme after identifying it?
After identifying a WordPress theme using a detection tool or manual method, you can search for the theme online to find where it's available for purchase. Many themes can be purchased from the official WordPress theme directory, theme marketplaces, or directly from the theme developer's website.

What factors should I consider when choosing a WordPress theme?
When choosing a WordPress theme, consider factors such as responsiveness, customization options, SEO-friendliness, speed, compatibility with plugins, support and updates from the developer, and design aesthetics that match your brand's identity and target audience preferences.

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