Best WordPress Quiz Plugins 

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins 

 Are you looking for good plugins to embed quizzes on your site? This article is the right destination for you. Let’s get started. Quizzes are a good way to increase user engagement on your site. Building fun and unique quizzes can actually drag users to your site. And this is why we are here with the best WordPress quiz plugins and their features. Adding quiz plugins will make your work easier, and you won’t need to take help from others. The plugins are completely user-friendly and require minimal effort.

Adding quizzes to your site will benefit it in many ways. This will boost user engagement, increase time spent, and generate traffic for shareable content. So, let’s start finding the best quiz plugins based on their features.

Benefits of using Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

Embedding quizzes on your site will let you collect user information easily. Starting any quiz requires sharing login details.

This helps in developing the user experience with social sharing features. Users will be able to share their results and experiences, resulting in more page visits. 

Adding quizzes helps you learn about the target audience's expectations. Gradually, this will boost SEO 

Adding quizzes helps to reduce bounce rates and increase time on the website. People will remain logged in to your site with interesting content and quizzes.

List of 8 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins 

Quiz Cat

We start our list of quiz plugins with the Quiz Cat plugin, which has the simplest feature to use. Create simple and fast-responding quizzes with this mobile-friendly plugin. It takes no time and no codes to easily create trivia quizzes or knowledge games. It has its own Gutenberg block, letting users build quizzes from the WordPress editor. It has a drag-and-drop feature, letting users add images and elements or customize answer types. The reliable shortcodes allow users to place quizzes anywhere on the site. Easy translatable features let users access quizzes in any language. More options, like save and preview, custom titles, and CTA buttons, can be added to the quiz. These were the features for the free plan, you can unlock more features with the purchase of the premium plan. 

Key features:

  • Text and image: question and answers
  • Email marketing integration
  • Social media sharing

Quiz Maker

Next up, we have the Quiz Maker plugin, popular for its advanced quiz-making assets. The plugin comes in free and premium versions, perfect for building fast quizzes. It comes with various customized menus with seven different questions to choose from. It includes a question and answers with text, number, or date; true or false; yes or no; multiple-choice questions; a radio button or drop-down list. Through this, you can easily keep your users occupied with your site for a long time. Moreover, it allows you to create a question bank of up to 100 questions and then select 20 questions for the quiz. Also, it gives you control over scheduling the availability of the quiz for a certain time. It further includes questions and answers with a one-time submission response. Lastly, you can specify your settings that show a message with a pass or fail result after completing the quiz.

Key features:

  • Timed quizzes
  • Results and data tracking
  • Question and answer images

Quiz and Survey Master

And now comes another interesting quiz-maker plugin with a variety of features. It is the easiest plugin to create appealing content and drive traffic to your site. It comes with applicable marketing tools for building trivia and viral quizzes. Moreover, you can create more quizzes, like true or false, many-choice questions, and much more. It lets you customize text blocks, add check boxes or submit buttons, and also generate text boxes. Not only this, it comes with more customizations for building interactive quizzes. You can add incorrect, correct, or grading-based systems for users. It lets you adjust the questions per page or add all questions on a single page. Also, you can ask for contact information at the beginning and end of the quiz. And lastly, you can send email results with pass-or-fail prospects.

Key features:

  • Score-based results
  • Timed quizzes
  • Social sharing buttons

HD Quiz

I am presenting another simple-to-use and intuitive plugin for quiz building on your site. This free plugin allows adding fun quizzes and embedding them anywhere on the site. It works on both short codes and a custom Gutenberg block editor for easy quiz creation. Thus, you can create beautiful, customizable, and responsive quizzes in no time. Further, it lets you style the quizzes with fonts and typography, making them appealing. You can set unlimited quizzes featuring images and a tooltip for every question. Thus, you can set many images or animated GIFs as answers along with the social sharing buttons. And now, with the updated version, it has advanced features to look at. You can set many question types, translate them, and use more pagination features. Moreover, it offers a timer for every question along with the “apply to all” question type.

Key features:

  • Image-based, multiple-choice answers
  • Responsive design
  • Reusing questions across multiple forms

WP Quiz

Check out this high-rated quiz-building plugin to get more users to interact. This free plugin has a dynamic interface, keeping users engaged with more shares. You can create endless types of quizzes, transforming your site into a viral quiz site. It lets you create trivia quizzes, surveys, interactive lists, and online exams with WP Quiz. This free plugin proves responsive so that users can take part in quizzes on any device they prefer. Also, it has separate demo content for every type of quiz you wish to build. And that makes quiz building easier, with many customization menus to offer. Further, it allows having single or many pages for quizzes, along with styling features. And it allows restarting the quiz again when the user feels like re-answering the question. Social media plugins will further help you reach more players for your quizzes.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Text, image, and video-based questions
  • Email marketing integration

Watu Quiz

And now we are introducing another fine plugin with great management for quiz building. The Watu Quiz plugin is as simple as the other plugins, offering features for building quizzes on your site. This is a fully-organized plugin for exams, quizzes, surveys, polls, and questionnaires. It works well on device screens, and mainly users will use it efficiently while using it. You can create exams and quizzes and display results immediately after completing them. Also, it offers a grading system, awards points, and results total points for the quizzes. The plugin also supports multiple language delivery systems so that more users can connect. You get a variety of quizzes, like multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, and much more.

Key features:

  • Social sharing buttons
  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Email integration

ARI Stream Quiz

Get your attention to another free plugin that has great functionality for creating quizzes. The plugin is basically optimized for building a good experience and increasing page views. And thus, your quizzes will have maximum views and usability. Creating interesting and fun quizzes is easier with this plugin, as it uses simple methods for that. And most importantly, it avoids annoying ways like alerts and popups to join quizzes. Moreover, the plugin is super easy to use and does not require any extra knowledge to use. It helps to build fun quizzes in a couple of minutes with multiple types. It is best for creating trivia and personality quizzes with question-and-answer types. Plus, it allows running quizzes in many languages to create more users. And there is a responsive design that runs your quizzes on every screen size.

Key features:

  • Lead capture
  • Multiple language support
  • Reloadable browser for each question page

Formidable Forms

Last but not least is the Formidable Forms plugin in our list of quiz plugins. The plugin is the most advanced and powerful tool to build interesting quizzes. It uses a straight-forward drag-and-drop feature for building unique quizzes. Basically, the plugin has multiple functionalities, including forms, surveys, and quizzes. Having too many plugins can be crucial instead of having a single plugin. It is a great solution for handling forms and quiz building. Building quizzes includes various features, like automatic scoring and personality quizzes. Moreover, it is well optimized for speed and performance factors. And its responsive design gives you great authority to use it on every screen.

Key features:

  • Scoring and custom grading system
  • Email integration
  • Advanced styling options


Adding quizzes to your site is a great way to promote and increase user engagement. Therefore, we present to you the 8 best WordPress quiz plugins in the above content. Finding the right quiz plugin is now at your fingertips with this content. This will help you find the best applicable plugin as per your needs. And you do not need to have developer skills for this. They are just easy to use and are fast at developing quizzes on your site. So start finding the right plugin and building your unique quiz today.


  • What are the benefits of adding quizzes to my WordPress site?

Quizzes can significantly increase user engagement, boost traffic, improve SEO, reduce bounce rates, and enhance the overall user experience. They also provide valuable insights into your target audience's preferences and expectations.

  • Which WordPress quiz plugin offers the simplest features and ease of use?

Quiz Cat is recommended for its simple and fast-responding quizzes, mobile-friendly design, drag-and-drop feature, customizable answer types, and easy translatable features, making it user-friendly for creating engaging quizzes.

  • Are there WordPress quiz plugins that support advanced quiz-making assets and customization options?

The Quiz Maker plugin stands out for its advanced quiz-making assets, including timed quizzes, results and data tracking, question and answer images, and customizable settings for scheduling quiz availability and displaying pass or fail messages.

  • Can I create responsive and customizable quizzes with image-based answers using WordPress quiz plugins?

HD Quiz is ideal for creating beautiful, customizable, and responsive quizzes with image-based, multiple-choice answers, along with social media sharing buttons, reusing questions across multiple forms, and styling options for fonts and typography.

  • Are there WordPress quiz plugins that support multiple languages and offer lead capture features?

ARI Stream Quiz is recommended for its support for multiple languages, lead capture functionality, and responsive design. It also provides reloadable browser pages for each question and supports various question-and-answer types for creating engaging quizzes.

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