WordPress plugins for pricing tables

Enhanced WordPress plugins for pricing tables: The ultimate top 10 list for 2024

If you run an online store, you are aware of how important it is to include accurate pricing data with your items so that customers may evaluate them.

It only makes perfect sense for you to download some of the newest WordPress pricing table plugins for your site, given the strong competition that exists among some of the many online e-commerce stores.

You can easily show the necessary pricing besides the item with these WordPress pricing table plugins, and most of them additionally come with try-to-cut functionality.

1. Pricing table with responsiveness:

When it comes to WordPress plugin pricing tables, this one is surely unique. To begin with, it is offered in both a free and a premium version, the latter of which has additional functionality.

After you've installed and modified the plugin, all you need to do is upload the code to insert it into your site. It allows you to add as many pricing plans as you like to your table view.

As a result of how simple it is to utilize, even a beginner shouldn't have too many problems. You may title, tag, and color-code each plan properly so that it is overall even simpler for you.

2. Price table created by Supsystic:

This WordPress price table plugin stands out from the competition since you can create your tables using a drag-and-drop creator.

It is surely simple to use; all you require is to personalize and modify the table in accordance with your ideas and add it to your site.

You are able to select from the seven responsive web designs that are included, and the pro version adds many more.

3. ARPrice:

ARPrice makes it simple to create flexible, colorful, and interesting pricing tables and designs. It offers a wide variety of functions and features that will get you up and running in no time. The project will be completed quickly thanks to the handy real-time editor and pre-made themes. If you've not yet created a pricing plan layout, ARPrice will allow you to accomplish this with no difficulty.

Naturally, ARPrice's pricing tables follow the most recent standards and laws. In other words, it ensures that the finished output will function perfectly on all hardware, retina displays, and current web browsers. Choose from pre-made color skins, make use of the drag-and-drop maker's power, add your unique personalized experience, and start moving things along.

4. Go Price:

Go Price is able to grab your complete attention thanks to its drag-and-drop capabilities and its interface's focus on color. It is simple to set up and interacts well with a variety of drag-and-drop website builders.

This is the plugin you need to look into in more detail if you're searching for a simple pricing table plugin.

Furthermore, you may add audio, video, and photos to your pricing table using this plugin, which also offers over 250 different pricing table designs.

5. Easy pricing table:

Due to the fact that it functions perfectly with Gutenberg, a number of e-commerce payment providers, and other programs, this pricing table is very well liked.

This plugin is simple to install and even easier to use. Simply name the columns, insert the product information and price, and you should be done. You also might wish to insert the buy button and the product page's link.

6. WRC pricing table:

WRC Price Tables is a flexible plugin that depends on CSS3 instead of JavaScript. After installing the plugin, you are free to add as many tables as you like, each with a number of rows and columns. Drag and drop allows you to reorder these rows and columns however you like.

Several package strands, feature tooltips, link buttons, and check/cross icons are also included in the plugin. The tooltips, package ribbons, and each row or column's color can all be changed using the Color Picker. Simple animations are available, such as broadening a column with the pointer and removing shadows upon highlighting.

You can pick from eleven pre-made templates if you use the premium plugin. Also, you may integrate a PayPal button, transfer and export pricing tables from one website to another, and rapidly copy existing pricing tables. The pricing options can be switched between different time periods or currencies by users. As the administrator, you can decide to hide specific columns in the table.

7. WooCommerce Advanced Dynamic Pricing:

This useful small WordPress pricing table plugin is packed with all the features you require and much more.

It shouldn't be surprising that it is simple to set up and even simpler to use. In addition, it is a flexible plugin that works well with a number of website builders.

This plugin can also be used to build pricing sliders and comparisons, giving users a clearer notion of which pricing to choose and the many advantages and disadvantages.

Your website should begin gaining more attention online because it has 50 different designs for you to choose from.

8. Pricing table for AP:

This price table comes with five different table designs for you to select from and is also one of the top WordPress pricing table plugins.

Simply enter a name for your tables, choose a design for it, and enter the currency information to get started. Furthermore, a column editor is included with it, allowing you to change and update each column.

A similar technique can be used to draw attention to and highlight each column.

9. CSS3 Responsive Price Tables for WordPress:

Two different table styles in 20 different colors are available with CSS3-based responsive WordPress to compare price tables. You may create an unlimited number of tables and rows, specify the sizes in pixels and percentages from the settings page, and use the Live Preview feature to see how everything will look before publishing. There is the option of adding tooltips and using various hover styles. Other options include sliding columns, expandable columns, and column highlights.

Furthermore, you may select from more than 40 icons to add them next to your feature list. You can add any of the 60+ ribbons with one or more columns. You can choose to hide specific columns.

10. Pick Plugins' pricing tables:

With the help of short codes, you may add any number of pricing tables using Pick Plugins' pricing tables. The variety of columns and rows in the tables is infinite. Just by adding the link, you may display Vimeo or YouTube videos in each column. You can put informative text in the header and next to the prices. The columns can include images.

You may give your table personality by using a background image for the area around the table. Infinite ribbons, featured columns, and tooltip inserts are all available. The plugin is simple to use; after installation, locate the 'Pricing Table' menu, choose 'Create Pricing Table,' and then enter the required information.


Choosing the right WordPress pricing table plugin can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your pricing strategy and improve customer engagement on your website. The top 10 premium plugins listed here offer a wide range of features and functionalities to help you create visually appealing, informative, and dynamic pricing tables. From drag-and-drop builders to responsive designs, customizable templates, integration with eCommerce platforms, and advanced pricing options like dynamic pricing and comparisons, these plugins empower website owners to showcase their products or services effectively.

As we navigate the digital landscape of 2024 and beyond, having a powerful pricing table plugin at your disposal is crucial to staying competitive and optimizing your online presence. By leveraging the features of these top-rated plugins, you can create pricing tables that not only inform but also persuade visitors to make purchasing decisions.

Whether you're running an online store, a service-based business, or a subscription-based model, investing in a premium WordPress pricing table plugin can streamline your pricing presentation and drive conversions.


What are WordPress pricing table plugins?
WordPress pricing table plugins are tools that allow website owners to create and display pricing tables for their products or services. These plugins offer various customization options, designs, and features to make pricing tables visually appealing and informative for visitors.

Why are pricing tables important for online stores?
Pricing tables are crucial for online stores as they provide customers with clear and detailed information about product or service pricing, features, and plans. This helps customers make informed decisions and increases transparency and trust in the buying process.

What features should I look for in a WordPress pricing table plugin?
When choosing a WordPress pricing table plugin, look for features such as responsiveness (mobile-friendly), customization options (colors, fonts, styles), compatibility with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, drag-and-drop functionality, pricing comparison tools, and support for different currencies and payment methods.

How do I install and use a WordPress pricing table plugin?
Installing a WordPress pricing table plugin is similar to installing any other plugin. You can search for the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory, install it, and activate it. Once activated, you can customize the pricing tables through the plugin's settings or using a drag-and-drop editor, and then add them to your website pages using shortcodes or widgets.

Are pricing table plugins beginner-friendly?
Many WordPress pricing table plugins are designed to be beginner-friendly, offering intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop editors, and pre-designed templates. These features make it easy for users with little technical knowledge to create professional-looking pricing tables for their websites.


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