Embedding PDF in WordPress

Detailed Instructions For Uploading And Embedding PDF Files In WordPress

In any case, WordPress makes it simple to upload and embed files. Yet uploading or embedding PDF files into WordPress pages takes time and requires some work.

But PDF files, which have a larger range of sizes and more flexibility, are the most popular file-sharing format on the internet. With WordPress, these are simple to upload, embed, and publish, although it's not as easy as you may think.

You will need to put in a little work, so we provided a list of methods for easily uploading and embedding PDF files in WordPress pages.

The first method is WordPress' default method for uploading PDF files.

This method is flexible and simple for adding PDF files to WordPress. It works the same way as adding videos and pictures.

With WordPress' media uploader, you must choose the PDF file that you need to upload. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Navigate to the Add New Post or Page option in the WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, you have the option to change previous pages or postings.
  2. You must select the "Add Media" button when you're in the editing window.
  3. The WordPress upload window will show up here; select files from the menu.
  4. Drag and drop your PDF files into this window.
  5. The PDF file will begin to upload through WordPress. After it's finished, a preview option will be available for you to choose from.
  6. It is not necessary to enter information about PDF files, such as name, caption, etc.
  7. Click the "insert into post" button to continue. A WordPress-created link from your uploaded PDF file will appear in your posts or pages.
  8. Look at the PDF file or post a sample now. This will demonstrate to you how users are prepared to view or download PDF files on their browsers.

Second Strategy: Use the Media Library to upload PDF files.

That is yet another excellent technique for including PDF files in WordPress uploads. You can start using this if you don't have the first method. inside of. You must work on the media library in the hopes of getting the PDF file's direct URL.

Follow the instructions to do this. 

  1. To add a new icon, enter the media section of your WordPress dashboard.
  2. To upload a PDF file, drag it into this box or click the Pick Files button.
  3. You will be sent the PDF file link after the upload is complete.
  4. Next, copy the PDF file's link. Don't forget to copy the URL from the first URL area.

The task is complete. You now have the ability to connect any page or post with the PDF file you have a link to. Even now, you can use widgets, links, and other files to link to PDF files.

Everything is now up to you.

You can either choose to embed or include a link to a PDF file in your post or page. In all cases, you can publish or add links to PDF files in WordPress using this option.

How do PDF files work in WordPress?

WordPress requires the installation of the Gutenberg editor in order to embed PDF files. Please remember that if you already have this plugin installed, you won't be able to select PDF files when you click the upload button in the input image.

Before choosing and publishing the PDF file, you might also select the Media Library. Let's find out more about this.

  1. Add an image from the editor or a photo block first.
  2. In order to upload PDF files, click on the "media library" button now.
  3. To add a hyperlink to your PDF file, select the option to "insert into post."

Your users can now download or view your PDF file after it has finished. Even better, they can save it for later use.

WordPress plugins for PDF file placement:

Among the best and simplest ways to upload or import PDF files in WordPress is to use this method. Users will find it simpler to read and view your website if you embed PDF files. This will redirect your site visitors to another tab.

1. PDF Embedder Plugin:

One of the best and most clever plugins for embedding PDF files quickly You can use this to easily insert PDF files into your WordPress posts and pages.

This has many options that you can edit, such as adjusting the file's width and height. You must take the following actions to use this plugin effectively:

  1. Go to the plugin section of the dashboard and select the Add New tab.
  2. Download the PDF Embedder plugin by searching for it.
  3. After that, select Settings > PDF Embedder. Make the necessary modifications and save them.
  4. You can use the media uploader to upload the PDF file after installing the plugin.
  5. When you upload a PDF, the short code and link for the PDF embedder are generated.
  6. Check out the page's display now to see the embedded PDF file and toolbar at the bottom of the page.
  7. The premium version of this plugin is also accessible.

2. Plugin for Any Document Embed

  • The most popular and second-best plugin for embedding PDF files in WordPress is this one.
  • You may effortlessly upload the files with this plugin. The user can view the files using Microsoft Office and Google Docs.
  • Moreover, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs make it simple to embed PDF files. Follow these steps to do this:
  • Install the plugin for embedding any document by going to the dashboard.
  • If you require more settings, click the settings button.
  • You can upload PDF files by clicking the "Add Document" button in the WordPress editor.
  • On this, users may utilize the built-in media uploader.
  • When you select the insert button, a short code for that PDF file is generated.
  • See the embedded file in your post at this point.


You can improve the content and user experience of your website in a multitude of ways by learning how to upload and embed PDF files in WordPress. You may easily incorporate PDF documents into your posts and pages by following the comprehensive instructions given and adding helpful tools, tutorials, and presentations to your material.

The ability to embed PDF files gives you the capacity to engage your audience with dynamic and visually engaging material, whether you're sharing reports, documents, or portfolios. Adopt these strategies to improve your WordPress website's credibility and usability, which will increase its worth and effect on users.


What are the benefits of embedding PDF files in WordPress?

Embedding PDF files in WordPress enhances content quality and the user experience by allowing for the inclusion of dynamic and visually engaging material such as reports, documents, and portfolios. This can improve the credibility and usability of your WordPress website, making it more valuable to users.

What are the methods for uploading and embedding PDF files in WordPress?

There are several methods for uploading and embedding PDF files in WordPress. The article discusses two main methods: using WordPress' default method for uploading PDF files and utilizing the media library to upload PDF files. Additionally, it mentions using plugins like PDF Embedder and Plugin for Any Document Embed to simplify the process.

How can I use the PDF Embedder plugin to embed PDF files in WordPress?

To use the PDF Embedder plugin, navigate to the WordPress dashboard, download the plugin, make necessary modifications, save, and use the media uploader to upload PDF files, generating a shortcode.

Are there any other plugins recommended for embedding PDF files in WordPress?

Yes, Plugin for Any Document Embed is another popular plugin for embedding PDF files in WordPress. It allows users to easily upload files and view them using Microsoft Office and Google Docs. The plugin simplifies the process of embedding PDF files and generates a shortcode for each uploaded file.

How does embedding PDF files in WordPress benefit website visitors?

Embedding PDF files in WordPress allows website visitors to access dynamic and interactive content directly on the website. They can view reports, documents, or presentations without leaving the site, which enhances user engagement and the overall browsing experience.

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