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Responsive WordPress page builders for mobile optimization

Do you know how page builders help you with website design?

If not, then this article will surely help you learn and execute well. Let us start.

WordPress is itself a complete solution for building professional websites. And you don't need to have developer skills or rely on them like in earlier days. As with modern days, WordPress page builders help you find the best designs for your site.

Page builders are handy tools that help users create WordPress pages with ease. They don't ask for any technical knowledge, instead using a simple drag-and-drop feature. Also, they hold features like pre-built templates, designs, animation effects, and more content.

Well, you might think that all these features are available in the native WordPress editor. But what if you want advanced customization? Then, you need to use page builders as extensions for an advanced website.  So further in this article, you will find the 8 most popular page builders with their features.

Importance of WordPress Page Builder

Page builders are important, as most people don’t know how to start web design from scratch. Page builders do not require any coding skills, and there is no need to hire a developer for web design.

Page builders make your web design faster with pre-built modules. Even beginners can easily build pages without any code.

Page builders are fully customizable, and users can easily edit the required sections using drag and drop.

They offer a superb range of features that can be easily accessed directly from the interface.

Factors to consider while choosing WordPress Page Builder

Compatibility The first thing to notice is the compatibility with other WordPress themes. If your page builder is not compatible with other themes, then you’ll need to switch the theme. And that might increase your expenses.

Page builder typeNext, you must check the builder type you are going for. There are basically two types of page builders: drag-and-drop type and HTML type. Drag-and-drop is the most user-friendly type, while HTML requires HTML codes to define web pages.

Mobile Responsiveness Mobile responsiveness is the most vital factor you must check while choosing the page builder. Make sure that your user-friendly page builder is previewed on every screen size.

Key features:

Drag-and-drop Interface:
Without the need for any coding experience, users can quickly rearrange items and personalize layouts for mobile devices using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Mobile examine:
Having the option to instantly examine and modify designs for a range of mobile devices guarantees that websites will look fantastic and work well on a variety of screen sizes.
Built-in responsive grid technologies ensure that content flows across multiple screen sizes and help maintain consistency in design and style across all devices.

Device-Specific Customization:
Thanks to sophisticated capabilities, users may tailor designs to work best on desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Media Queries:
By integrating media query controls, users may specify specific stylistic rules and configure breakpoints for varying screen sizes, resulting in the best possible display on mobile devices.

Touch-Friendly Features:
Mobile devices that offer touch-friendly features, such as sliders, carousels, and navigation menus, provide better usability and user experience.


List of 8 Best WordPress Page Builders and their features

Elementor Instigating the list of popular page builders with the Elementor page builder. It has acquired good popularity in less time with its drag-and-drop editor. This reputed page builder has user-friendly features to transform an ordinary site into a professional one. Moving further, you get to experience a good range of library blocks along with a live editor. The main advantage of using Elementor is that you can build web pages, posts, and category pages. It requires no codes and has an easy interface that even beginners will find efficient while using.  One outstanding feature is that you can easily test your site interface on every screen size. Also, you can make changes while staying in the mobile preview modes. It comes with free and premium versions and also adds add-on plugins for extensive functionality. Woocommerce, like popular plugins, can be integrated with premium plans.

Key features:

  • Woocommerce integration
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Multiple language support

plates, making your web design process easier using drag and drop. It lets users edit changes just like making changes in a Word document. Simply, you can click on the part and select to edit it in the front end itself. Later on, you can easily create page elements and column layouts. This whole customizing process applies to the whole website as the page builder works on global styling. This means you don't need to address each page individually. It offers an auto-save feature, storing changes on every page and also saving previous changes. This helps ensure the page layouts are running better in terms of mobile responsiveness. For more customizing features, you must visit the pro version of it. Altogether, it proves great to offer clean and modern page-building assets with full independence.


Another one worth considering as a drag-and-drop page builder is Site Origin. This intuitive page builder has a powerful interface suitable for beginners and developers. With millions of installations, it has become a popular choice for users who have good backend functionality. Website building becomes super easy when you have the Site Origin Page Builder with you. It combines many WordPress themes and tools to define the web design process with ease. And thus, it becomes an all-rounder tool for a professional website in no time. It has accurate control over all screens, along with the ability to add extra content using drag and drop. And it has a good range of standard widgets, making web design easier.

Key features:

  • Simple drag-and-drop feature
  • Live front-end editing
  • WordPress Theme compatibility


And now, one of the most popular choices among users is WPBakery. It makes a huge contribution to developing professional websites using drag-and-drop. What makes it popular is its integration with WordPress themes and the creation of web pages with unique layouts. It seems affordable, along with many languages. It fits with every WordPress theme, along with easy page building and real-time editing tools. Web page building becomes so easy with stunning templates, grids, and responsive layouts. Also, the page builder is worth working on on all screen types. Its flexibility and add-on features make it unique and reliable as compared to others. It also offers a great number of add-ons, which can extend your site’s functionality.

Key features:

  • 50+ content elements
  • WordPress theme integration
  • Robust template library

Oxygen Gear your eyes to the most unique and handy page builder tool in the list. It is the Oxygen page builder again approaching the drag-and-drop feature. It usually has basic features, like other page builders. But it mainly focuses on visual web design, Woocommerce store building, and SEO. Using this tool not only proves good for web design but also collects good search engine rankings. It's a fluid and intuitive design with high-quality designs and templates to work with. It works as a plugin integrated with WordPress and creates a sandbox module that works differently in web design. And so the support of shortcodes like Java and CSS becomes invisible when Oxygen is deactivated. Moreover, it proves beneficial for non-developers as well. And for developers, it becomes a great support by providing a flexible interface.

Key features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Woocommerce integration
  • drag-and-drop feature

Themify Our next plugin is free and again uses the drag-and-drop feature for Themeify page building. It integrates with WordPress themes, allowing users to build every kind of web page. Also, it allows easy customization of every section of your web page. One interesting feature to note is that it has a row and column generator for easy stacking of modules. Thus, it proves beneficial in creating grouping content with appealing clusters. Another attractive feature is that it allows you to add animation modules to your site. You can add endless animation modules, resulting in great CTAs and increasing the user experience. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of animation effects, pre-designed layouts, and add-ons.

Key features:

  • Create section layouts
  • Custom short codes support
  • Custom styling with rows, columns and grids

DIVI The most powerful page builder is here to make building your website easier. It uses a great range of custom options, powered by the drag-and-drop feature. It holds great popularity because of its user-friendly and modern interface. It seems quite similar to other page builders, like backend and frontend editing. Its most attractive feature is that it allows adding video slider content. Not a single video, but you can add multiple videos together in an easy-swiping format. Rather than scrolling to every video and clicking to play, you can just swipe next to reach the video. Additionally, it has an audio embedding feature, allowing you to add audio files to your web page.

Key features:

  • Responsive and visual editing
  • Global elements and styling features
  • Element customization

Beaver Builder Another well-liked plugin that uses drag-and-drop functionality is called Streamlining. It is Beaver Builder that offers page builder plugins and framework themes. It makes web design quicker and easier for beginners and developers. And it has customized templates that make web design easier without starting from scratch. And after customizing the templates, you can then start building web pages accordingly. Moreover, this reliable page builder has a prime focus on performance and stability. Additionally, it comes integrated with modules for adding special buttons, sliders, and more menus. This simple page builder directly sets layouts via HTML and CSS instead of generating short codes. Overall, the plugin is all about impressive features gathering to form an appealing website.

Key features:

  • Live and front-end editing
  • Great customer support
  • Mobile-friendly design


Brizy is a clean and feature-rich page builder made to deliver professional WordPress sites. It comes with various customized

Key features:

  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Pre-designed Templates
  • Dynamic Content
  • Global Styling Options
  • Mobile Optimization


      Here’s a good conclusion to the above content about the best WordPress page builders. Finding the right page builder is not crucial when you have visited the above content. We have collected the 8 best ones to help you with a professional website design. Page builders make your web design easier with their features and elements. You don't need to get help from developers or learn technical skills. They are both user-friendly and time-consuming. So start finding the right page builder to build a professional niche website.


      Why are page builders important for website design?
      Page builders simplify the web design process, offer customization options, ensure mobile responsiveness, and save time and effort without coding skills.

      How do I choose the right WordPress page builder?
      Consider factors like compatibility, builder type (drag-and-drop vs. HTML), mobile responsiveness, key features, integration with themes/plugins, and user reviews.

      Can beginners use page builders?
      Yes, most page builders are designed for beginners with intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop functionality, and pre-built templates.

      Do page builders work with all WordPress themes?
      Page builders generally work with most WordPress themes, but it's essential to check compatibility to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

      Are there free versions of page builders available?
      Some page builders offer free versions with limited features, while others have premium versions with advanced functionalities and add-ons.

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